Plan ahead by adding motion to your storyboards.
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Animatics are an invaluable research tool to get your ideas through testing in a form as close to finished as possible. They effectively tell your story shot by shot, saving you time and money in production.

What are animatics?

Animatics are the next level on from storyboards and act as a reference point for the whole team. We use a series of storyboard frames to fully realise the timing of the film, locations, mood, framing, how it will move, and more. By adding voice over, music, and sound to complete the package, you can lay the foundations for the entire film. Animatics are quick to produce and quick to change.

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Case Studies

We’ve helped clients creatively develop their ideas, stories, and scripts for nearly 30 years. Find out how we interpreted their briefs and translated them into effective, high quality content.

"The reason we work with Think Artfully on a regular basis is that they are professional, negotiable and friendly. Quality work, on time, on brief and on budget."

Andrea Kenyon-Project Director