Capture key ideas as they happen to create a lasting impression.
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Ever wondered how to make more of your meetings and events? Scribing can create a legacy that lives beyond the event itself.

What is Scribing?

Scribing is the capturing of spoken information visually in real time. It can be particularly beneficial for events, meetings and conferences where groups of people come together to learn or share ideas.

A scribe artist will actively listen to what’s being said, pick out key ideas, organise the information and make connections. Using a board, wall, or digital whiteboard, they will create a clear visual representation that participants can process quickly, helping to drive the discussion forwards.

The benefits of scribing include:

  • Helping participants retain information better
  • Creating a visual record to revisit time and time again
  • Making information more easily digestible
  • Giving a fresh perspective on your business
  • Driving discussions forward there and then
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Case Studies

We have been invited to scribe events, conferences, workshops and more. Find out more about how we've used scribing to engage audiences in a powerful and unique way.

"The reason we work with Think Artfully on a regular basis is that they are professional, negotiable and friendly. Quality work, on time, on brief and on budget."

Andrea Kenyon-Project Director