An idea is just an idea until you can see it.

Here at Think Artfully we bring ideas to life. Whether that’s through event scribing, research animatics, storyboards for pitches, or interpreting your concepts through stills or motion. Our artists act as an extension of your creative team to rapidly communicate your ideas in a way that is both easy to understand and highly memorable.

Visual communication is a powerful tool.

In an ‘always on’ society where our attention is a highly valuable resource and commodity, businesses are having to find new communication tools to engage customers and employees alike. This explains why our visual services continue to grow exponentially, with scribing becoming increasingly popular as clients add artists to both internal and external presentations and events to interpret key messages and display them in visually engaging ways.

And the good news is that it works. Here’s why…

Our brains process information in pictures. In fact, approximately 90% of the information our brains process is visual. That means, if you’re simply delivering information verbally, you’re already losing out. It’s well reported that if you see information, three days later you’re likely to remember around 65% of it. Compare that to the 10% you’re likely to remember if you hear that same information, and you can see why there is no better way to communicate your ideas more effectively than with visual output.

In this new hybrid world we find ourselves in, tools like Scribing help keep people in different locations with different needs engaged. The bonus is, we can also create shareable, multi-purpose assets that - once the event is over - provide a summary of facts, help attendees recall important points, can be reused over and over, and can be easily updated at a later date.

Many clients return to work with us again and again after seeing the great feedback from their teams. Find out how we can help you, here.

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