How to prioritise communication in 2024 and beyond

Planning your strategy and comms for next year? Don’t underestimate the importance of good communication!

It’s the time of year where many companies are thinking about 2024 or the next financial year and approach us to visually communicate their ideas and information in clear and memorable ways.

Whether it’s end of year reports, presenting to stakeholders, product launches, announcing company news, forecasts, or policies - there are ways to communicate that enhance engagement, get people on board and leave a lasting impression.

Effective communication is the foundation of effective business.

Unclear communication can have a significant impact on the growth and profitability of your business - internally and externally - leading to anything from misunderstandings and wasted time, to losing clients and employees.

A survey by in 2022 found that 10% of businesses lost employees as a result of communication issues in their business. While 68% of people said they’d stopped dealing with a company and moved to a competitor due to poor business communication skills.

Information and ideas, when communicated effectively, can motivate employees, foster trust, unite teams, improve performance, and ultimately drive sales.

Visual solutions that unite people and ideas.

While clear messaging in itself is fundamental, it’s visual communication that can take it to the next level.

According to statistics, 65% of the population are visual learners. Which means adding eye-catching drawings and graphics to presentations can enhance processing and retention of information by distilling complex ideas.

If you need visual thinking that inspires and transforms, contact us today to speak to our team!

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