Get the most bang for your buck: Creative budgeting tips & tricks

Hands up if you’ve heard of the ‘quick, cheap, good’ triangle?

The general idea is that when commissioning or working on a project you can only ever have TWO of these desirable things. Something can be created quickly and cheaply but it won’t be very good, you could get someone to create something that is GOOD and CHEAP but the payoff is usually that it won’t be done that quickly. Usually the stuff that can be created super quickly to a lovely standard doesn’t come cheap… you get the picture.

So, how can you keep within your creative budget AND save time and create something of real quality?

Companies of all shapes and sizes are looking for ways to keep their costs low but with maximum sales and reach.

The Forbes number 1 marketing tip to effectively trim your budget is to build content for multiple applications.

Forbes makes a very good point here. Often clients come to us with a very specific intent for their commission; for example an artist for an event, a remote artist to work on a rich picture etc. But what clients don’t often think about is how illustrated content could be put to work beyond the initially intended purpose…

Think about how working with an artist on a day-rate could benefit you the most.

This could look like asking the artist to create some prep work for your event, Taboola did just that, making sure to utilise the artists time to achieve maximum engagement, they didn’t miss a trick. We created the events virtual background for the #Iamnotsorry International Women’s Day workshop, helping to unite all participants on the day.

Maybe you’ve had the great idea of booking an artist for an hour workshop? Think about how you could utilise that work after the event, is there anyone who you wish had attended but couldn’t? Using the scribe post-event across social channels, emails, and on your company website could help your ideas and intention gain SO MUCH MORE traction than if you were just to keep the engagement to the people who attended on the day.

Could the key points of the scribe be broken down into a set of visual assets that represent your companies core values? Or be used to promote future events? The time that you work with an artist is yours, so think about how you could use that wisely.

Twitter has said that tweets with a gif see 55% more engagement than those without.

Commissioning an animation from scratch can be costly, but creating a simple time-lapse that demonstrates the illustration appearing in a short clip can be a very simple and effective way of increasing engagement. Access Now at RightsCon has been one of many of our clients this year to use this technique.

A stitch in time saves nine’ was one of my Nan’s favourite sayings. Doing something important at the beginning (and when you first notice it) can dramatically change your work load and cost later on. In the early idea stage of a project, working with a specialist idea capturing artist (aka scribing artist) can help you wheadle out the wheat from the trash and learn quickly what is working and what is not. Fail fast so that you can get to the best ideas quicker!

There’s only room for a fraction of our portfolio online. If you’re after specifics, get in touch. We’ll create something just for you.

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