Building a B Corp with Think Artfully

As part of the newly formed TBM Group, Think Artfully will be joining Jelly in London (and eventually our other studios overseas) on a mission to become a B Corporation, and this is now an important part of how we will define ourselves as a successful creative business.

By Chris Page20.9.22

B Corporations are companies across the world that define themselves by a few more yardsticks than the usual profit and loss, they are businesses that are on a mission to help redefine how we behave as a planet.

For us at Think Artfully we are happy to share these group values and add some extra definitions to our existing company goals.

But what does this actually mean?

It means that Think Artfully will be making commitments to conduct it’s business first and foremost in an environmentally sound way. It also means that we have a mission to be always open and transparent with all our staff about our financial position, as well as increasing our duty of care for them.

But perhaps most importantly it means that Think Artfully shares our group mission for social outreach, which is based on our stated commitment to increase diversity within the creative industries. As part of this outreach Think Artfully will assist in the TBM Group’s work with the charity ROK (Reach Out To Kids), West Thames College and the Clapton Girls Academy to help talk to young people who may be thinking that the creative industry is ‘not for them’.

These specific long-term relationships are combined with numerous tactical schemes that we hope will go some way toward changing the complexion of the industry that we are proudly a part of.

Becoming a B Corporation is a long-term commitment for Think Artfully and we are proud to make this a huge part of our business goals from now on.

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