How does scribing work?

You have a project coming up and you think that having a scriber in the room will help make your ideas work harder – super!

You have a project coming up and you think that having a scriber in the room will help make your ideas work harder – super!

So what happens next?

You get in contact with one of our lovely project managers at Think Artfully. Initially we will find out a bit more information about your specific needs and space. Then we will have a chat with you about whether you would like the scriber ‘front and centre’ adding a sense of theatre, or would rather have us working stealthily away at the back. Or perhaps you want us fully integrated, engaging with small groups?

Our way of working is very flexible and will be driven by the specifics of what you need, however here are a few key setups that have worked well in the past.

Live Wall Scribe

Live wall scribes are fantastic at adding a sense of spontaneity and theatre whilst introducing a valuable new perspective. They are perfect for larger audiences, creating a big impact and creating engaging shareable content. We can work on a number of materials, popular choices are large eco boards, paper or stretched fabric – which is great for curved spaces! We can also work directly onto the wall, creating something meaningful and lasting for that bare office space you’ve been meaning to curate.

Live Sketchbook Scribing

Live sketchbook scribing, also known as sketchnoting, is perfect for smaller venues where artists can engage with smaller groups. Its fantastic way of exploring a number of ideas rapidly, whilst creating shareable content. After the event you get to take away the board or book.

Live Digital Scribing

Live digital scribing is great for large scale projections, sharing digital assets quickly, as well as being easily adapted and branded. With fast developing Wacom and ipad pro technology its easier than ever for the artist to really get involved and interact with the group, quickly responding to ideas.

Remote Scribing

Remote scribing is the same as any other scribe, the only difference is that the artist is not present. This benefits companies who work in locations that are trickier to reach, as the artist can connect to the event online, scribing live in response to what they see and hear. We can also take a brief or audio file away to work up and deliver.

After deciding on the best approach for your scribe we will email you the costs and if agreeable we will set about arranging materials and logistics for the event. We clarify your expectations with the artist, and raise any questions you may have.


The artist arrives at the venue before the event is due to start and will set up ready for the scribe, checking in with whoever is in charge to clarify the plan for the day. They intelligently listen to the meeting, presentation or workshop and visually interpret the key ideas in a clever and coherent way. This is a great time to photograph the artist’s work in action, perfect for those all important social media updates!

Once finished we leave the original artwork with you to display as you choose. If the work was created traditionally the work should be photographed either by someone on your team or by the artist (if agreed before-hand). However, if the work was created digitally then the digital scribe will be emailed to you directly.


Sometimes clients want us to further develop scribes after the event. We can offer this service at an additional cost, we have the facilities to digitally adapt the artwork so that you can explore the ideas covered even further.

If the scribe was created traditionally we can take the photographed artwork and turn it into digital presentation ready artwork, ready for you to share and use the digital assets for meetings and presentations to come.

And that’s it. Simple aye!?

If you would like to have a chat about a scribe or just learn more about what we can offer drop us an email or give us a call!

There’s only room for a fraction of our portfolio online. If you’re after specifics, get in touch. We’ll create something just for you.

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