Meet the team: Rob Taylor

Rob is Head of Output at Think Artfully.

Get Rob's take on industry trends and changes, how he helps clients get the best results, and what he wants you to know about Think Artfully...

What do you do in your role with Think Artfully?

As head of output, I work with clients taking their creative briefs, finding the right talent to work on their project, and making sure it is completed on time and within budget. I oversee the rest of the Think Artfully department, making sure that overall projects and operations run smoothly, managing team members, whilst reporting to management about productivity and discussing the overall running of the department and business.


What are your favourite things about the services Think Artfully provides?

I’d like to think that we can offer a cost-effective solution for most creative ideas.

Finding a solution for any budget no matter how involved the idea is. We have a vast array of talented artists, scribers, editors, and animators who can turn their hand to almost anything.

Plus, I’d like to think that our project management skills are second to none, so you know when you brief your project with us that you are in safe hands.


How did you get started in your career? How do you think your background has helped you in your role?

After getting a degree in media production I started work as a runner for various tv and post production companies. After making various connections I managed to get a role as a junior rep for a storyboarding company in Soho, and the rest is history.

I always knew I wanted to work in the creative industry but I never had any prior experience, and so my background didn’t really play any help in getting my current position. Just talking to the right people and being friendly and enthusiastic seemed to help me personally.


What is the most effective project you’ve worked on? And why?

I’d like to think that any animatic we’ve produced that gets through research or any pitch that we work on that helps a client win the business can be seen as effective. I’ve got loads of personal favourites but for me there’s nothing better than sitting down with a creative team and helping them get their idea across, whether it’s a set of drawings or a piece of animation.


What changes have you noticed in the creative services industry since you’ve been in it?

I think there will always be a need for clients to get their ideas drawn up, but client budgets have got smaller; in my view a lot of agencies don’t want to spend as much as they did say five years ago on research stimulus.

We’ve seen an increase in clients wanting to use our scribing service, in particular for talks, conferences and events. The notion of being able to use a digital artist working remotely live is certainly an exciting thing, and I think clients can really see the benefit of this, as our artists can record information and create illustrations that inform in a memorable way.


What’s one thing you want people to know about Think Artfully?

We genuinely care about getting our clients' ideas through the research process. I love reading a script and then working with the client to get it produced as an animatic. When you see something that we’ve worked on as a TV ad or a campaign it feels good knowing that we helped someway in the creative process.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Spending time with my wife and two kids, walking our dog, running as much as I can and playing tennis and cricket when time allows.

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