Meet the team: Robin Warren

Robin is a Creative Project Manager at Think Artfully.

Find out what they've noticed changing in the industry over the last decade, the rewards of seeing your hard work out in the world, and the benefits of our scribing services.

What do you do in your role with Think Artfully?

I head-up Think Artfully’s scribing services. I promote the work we do, grow and nurture our talented roster of artists, take briefs and discuss the best approaches for projects, building a strategy and timeline. Our projects are very diverse, one day we could be project managing a series of explainer films for a client, another we could be arranging for a suitable artist to join them live for a workshop or talk, or we could be helping to manage a mural to encompass a client's core values, or an illustration that makes complex ideas easy and engaging for everyone. We can help facilitate ideas for branded content and experiential projects. The possibilities for how our scribing services can be utilised keep growing. Heading up these services means leading the rest of the team on all things scribing, helping with any queries and making sure that the team have everything they need to provide the best scribing service.


What are your favourite things about the services Think Artfully provides?

I love how ridiculously quick and talented our artists are. It’s always quick turnaround work created to a very high standard. I like that we are often working with clients at the very beginning of their projects, so we get to be a part of those early conversations that ultimately lead to the bigger decisions, and exciting campaigns that we see out in the world.


How did you get started in your career? How do you think your background has helped you in your role?

I studied illustration and animation and love all things crafted. I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator and animator myself and have organised and led creative workshops. This has given me a good taste of how that side of the process works. I started as a Studio Manager where I assisted on project management, archiving and marketing materials and resources. I worked my way up to a project management role before initiating and heading up our scribing services. My background comes in handy when planning the best approach for projects, it helps to know the processes inside-out and have a creative eye, but more than anything I think it helps to build strong relationships with both artist and client, creatively problem solve, to manage expectations, be versatile and to help ensure that we get the best result.


What is the most effective project you’ve worked on? And why?

Ooh it’s very hard to pick just one! We get such positive feedback from our clients and it’s always so great to see the impact that working with one of our artists has made. As much of our work is confidential it was great to see the film for Eve Sleep ‘A Pillow’s life’ make it to out onto Eve’s social channels to be enjoyed by all. I could see how hard the creative team at Creature Agency had worked on the story and it was great to have been a part of that journey. The playful character animation and simple illustrative style worked well at communicating the often-ignored emotional side of an object we hold so close.


What changes have you noticed in the creative services industry since you’ve been in it?

In the last 10 years of working in the creative industry I’ve seen an increase in demand for scribing artists for virtual or hybrid events, making global events easier, more sustainable and inclusive. A greater awareness and attention to inclusivity and diversity. The rise of influencers in advertising. A greater reliance on data to steer creative campaigns. A greater interest in AI and augmented reality projects. I’ve seen a greater awareness and interest in sustainability, and am glad that we can be a part of that process as we are also continuing our effort to work more sustainably and are working towards a B-Corp certification.


What’s one thing you want people to know about Think Artfully?

If you have something that needs to be communicated visually, we can probably help. We love to get on the phone and have a chat about an idea. We’re a relatively small team who have huge sprawling arms encompassing all the best talent with 30 odd years of experience under our belts. We care a lot about our projects and our reputation. We’re a very good place to start your projects!


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I’m part of a Shorinji Kempo martial art group who train in Camden. I like to make stuff where possible out of wood, clay, paint, someone’s trash.. anything I can get my hands on really. I love going to drag shows and gigs, cycling around, going to exhibitions and seeing all the best films on the big screen. I love the hustle and bustle of east London living but also like to escape to go find some trees and a big old lake or sea to swim in when I can. When I’m not doing those things I’m usually just fussing over my needy feline housemate, Chaos.

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