The storyboard process

For any production company, a good storyboard is essential and is an integral part of the pre-production process.

A storyboard artist’s drawings can convey the story and define how the shots will work together in the commercial.

By drawing all the major shots, angles and action of your ad, not only can it stop you from wasting time filming shots you don’t need, it’s also a crucial way for the client to see what their final will look like.

Our storyboard artists specialise in visualising stories; creating either quick, sketchy pencil frames or more polished colour renderings, at Think Artfully we have a variety of artists and styles that can fit any production budget.

Please do get in touch if have require an artist for that all-important production shoot!

There’s only room for a fraction of our portfolio online. If you’re after specifics, get in touch. We’ll create something just for you.

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